Purple Turtle Communications

Share Your Story, Show Your Value

Key Ingredients to Sharing Your Story...

Compelling Content

Details make a difference.  Carefully chosen words and engaging pictures are critical.

Inspiring Information

 Relevant messages motivate others to listen and respond.

Tailored Strategy

A thoughtful plan using a variety of platforms delivers impact and connects your audience to you.

Our Guiding Principles

Listen First

Before we talk, we listen. 
We want to hear from our clients and colleagues about the challenges they face and what they want to accomplish.  We take the time to truly understand them and help define the goal.  Ask questions first, plan later.

Collaboration is Key

A team effort and brainstorming lead to optimal outcomes. 
We value input, feedback, and questions.  It's ok to ask for clarification, more information, and help.

Truth & Honesty

We are honest with one another and with our audience.  
Truth above all else.  We check the facts.  We mean what we say, and we say what we mean.  We provide and seek feedback and advice.

Heart: Yours, Mine, Ours

We know our clients have poured their heart into their business.
It's a privilege to speak for others, and we take this responsibility seriously.  Each person brings emotions to every experience, and everyone should know they are in a safe space to share, grow, and explore.

Timely & Thoughtful Productivity

We get work done, we do it well, and we do it on time. 
We take initiative, we follow through, and we follow up.  We employ critical thinking with keen attention to world events which ensures relevant messaging.  We meet deadlines and exceed expectations.